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Leave your face down yo!


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Two people from different family background..
different frens group..
different habits..
different life style..
when being together..
there will be conflict ...

Even she did ntg wrong..
bt still..
you will feel unhappy for it..

Dunno why..
It is jz too weird...

You will jz feel that..
You can't compete with them...
Because they are jz so mean and important to her..

You jz cant blame her..
because you cant do the job they do..
bt they can do the job you do..

You wants her to be happy so so much
bt you jz cant be happy whenever she did smtg u dislike..
You cant hide the feeling from her..
because the hearts of both are connected..
She will sense it and ask you why you are lying to her ..

You and her dont know what to do to solve the problem..
bt you jz cant let her go
because you love her deeply

Tears drop for the first time because of you


Leave your footprint down! Or I will bite you!

1 comment:

颗粒蚁 Chloe said...

hope you can cope with it
tolerance is very important

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