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Thursday, January 2, 2014

征服韩国之旅 Korea 第三篇 - 北村八景 Bukchon 8 views, 景福宫 Gyeongbokgung,仁寺洞 Insa-Dong ,全州拌饭 Bimbimbap ,弘大 HongDae,HAHA弘大烧烤店

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 征服韩国第三篇要开始啦!很抱歉地又迟了更新,本来赶在今天前更新的..但是突然头有点不舒服所以延迟了。敬请原谅!这一篇后我将会写在釜山进行的 Summer Program 计划,所以这一篇并不是最后一篇哦!如果对我的韩国之旅有兴趣的话,大家请继续留意啦!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Korea 3rd post will start soon! I'm sorry for the late update, I was hoping to update it before the new year but I felt sick at 31st of Dec. After this post I will be writing for my experience in BUSAN, Korea which I had done my summer program over there for 3 weeks, so this post is not the end of my korea post! If you have interest reading up my korea post, do drop by more often so you could read the latest post!

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