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Sunday, June 27, 2010

200th post

Found out that..
this post is the 200th post for my blog..
It shld b a great thing..
Bt seem like my mood do not sense any happiness for it..

Have been almost 1 month with love..
Many things happened..

I dunno WHY..
My personal attitude issit so BAD that cause problem in our relationship..
you said that I always nt happy for ntg..
and you dun un why I will nt happy..
Everytime when I'm nt happy..
you will nt happy too..
It makes me suffer as I dun wan you to become nt happy..

everytime when I'm nt happy..
I jz need you to cheer me up..
a kiss,a hug,or jz some simple words will do..
I jz need that..
everytime in this situation..
you will be unhappy..
and because my mood is down..
I cant even think anything to cheer you up..

It makes me feel very bad whenever you feel unhappy..
It makes me feel that I did smtg wrongly..
It makes me feel that I'm a useless BF..
It makes me feel that guilty to be nt happy..

I dun care
when I'm nt happy..
Because I can control it by my own..
and I can cheer myself up within 1 day..

But I seriously care
when you are nt happy..
My heart feels so pain when you are nt happy..
My heart breaks when your tears drop down..

that I cant make u happy all the time..
It's my failure..

I HATE myself for making you unhappy..
I HATE my emotional that cant b controlled well..

When I hold you too tight..
I'm afraid that you will feel painful..
When I hold you too light..
I'm afraid that you will walk away from me..
so what should I do?



Leave your footprint down! Or I will bite you!

1 comment:

__⚆〫ᵦowIing ✘LiNG `` said...

aikss ~~ tell her !!
dun write it here ~~

gambatehh yar ~!

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