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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Start?

Found out that,
We are two different type of ppl..
You dislike many things that I do..
I dislike many things you do..
Conflicts,Tears are with us all along..

We only have two choice to choose..

Try a New Start

A New Start that you told me everything you dislike and same goes to me..
We tolerate each other when conflicts happen..
A New Start that there will be nt much Conflicts and Tears..

Can we cope with it?
Hopefully we can ..

I trust that if we successfully cope with the new start and solve the problem..
Our love will be more stable..


Leave your footprint down! Or I will bite you!


我是橙子,Halo! said...


__⚆〫ᵦowIing ✘LiNG `` said...

heyy ~~
r u ok ??=x cheer up yarr !!!!
gambatehh =)

颗粒蚁 Chloe said...

try to cope 1st
dun break up easily oo

小七 said...

All the best...
A new start will be a better choice

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