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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gaik See's Birthday Celebration

It is BIG DAY for our MISS ANG!!
(or call her as " CHICKEN SHIT " in cantonese as her last name is really sound like that..xD)

Since her BEST FREN AKA JI MUI - MISS LIEW is outstation at SOMEWHERE on the earth..
SO I took the responsibility to held a celebration party for her..

Had the celebration at Wong Kok Restaurant ..
somewhere near to the Burger King and Paparich..

A special thing in Wong Kok restaurant is..
When anyone of u who having meal at there..
Who are having their birthday before or after 3days..
U will get a BIG JAR of Teh AIS..

Thats IT

It is FUN to gather wif frenz to crap together..
and surprisingly..
1 of My BRO-Hao attended the party also..
He is studying in KL nw..
and he just came bac ipoh for a few days..
It's really great to meet wif him =)

Here are some comments for Wong Kok Restaurant
The FOOD&DRINKS in Wong Kok is NICE
The PRICE of meal are EXPENSIVE
The SERVICE of them are SUCKS!
#We booked for the tables bt when we reach there..
there dont hav any reserved table for us
#I asked them to keep the birthday cake..
bt when took it out..the cake become CACAT!

okk..nw is the photo time =)

Thats end of the celebration..
Although it is just a simple party..
Bt we had fun of it..
Hopefully the Birthday Gal enjoyed in this party ^^

Jz a random post from me
Good Nights =)


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