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Leave your face down yo!


Saturday, August 7, 2010


I still cant accept that,
you change to be like this.

I still cant accept that,
Your heart change without any doubts.

I still cant accept that,
I cant hold you by side anymore.

knowing that you are at outside.
Worries come towards me.
and that feeling is suck.
Because I cant noe where you been,
cant noe how safe are you,
cant noe when you will b back,
because I cant care bout you anymore.

A sudden feeling come towards me,
which is missing you.
It's good at no mean.
but it turns to be suck.
Because I can't find you
though I miss you.

Everytime when I face this situation,
I force myself to sleep.

I thought..

It will be a good way...

At the end,
Turn up dreaming you every single night.


I wish,
I got a time machine,
that can go bac to the past.


Leave your footprint down! Or I will bite you!


gracejy said...

Because I can't find you
though I miss you. At the end, dreaming you at every single point.

I like this two phrase...^^

Hoichien said...

獨家記憶-suitable for you

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