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Leave your face down yo!


Thursday, August 26, 2010


When You know
Even you speak thousand of words.
But at the end,
there is no any happy ending.

You will just remain silent.

I admit the feeling is depressing me.
But what for,
to say all those that might hurt someone
You love?

Never judge me without asking me.

When you do it,
You feel Nothing.
But when I not even do it but u insist I did,
You feel upset.

If can,
Lets switch our character,
You will know
How do I feel.

There is no doubts that,
I have been true towards you
Not even a lie,
all the way along.

If you doubt about it,
I will just feel disappointed.

If you can get what I'm saying,
It's good enough.
I don't want to make thing clear,
Because it hurts.

When you not intend to hold one thing anymore,
don't be disappointed when it disappear.

I'm happy for speaking that 2 sentences with 3 words each to you,
that I wish to tell you
for a long long time.

I dont wish to write POST like this,
because it might hurt you,
But I wish you know,
How Do I FEEL.


Leave your footprint down! Or I will bite you!

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