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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make a Wish

Everything past is becoming the fact of present.

No matter

You Scream
You Shout
You Cry
You Do anything
You Speak anything

You can't change a FACT.

What's for to speak anything which cant be changed
to hurt anyone?

Hell Yeah,
I wrote,
I saved,
I keep it inside my heart.

In the process of life,

We face difficulties
We face obstacles
We face uncertainly
We face harsh situation

throughout all these,
We Learn
We Grow

We have to learn from mistake
We have to learn from ppl's mistake
We have to criticize ourselves
before we criticize others.

Hell Yeah
No people is perfect in this world.
I know it.

But at least try your best to do something that you are able to do.

For Yourself
For the People who care and love you

If you are doing something
that leads to a happy life.
I wont stop you


if you are doing something
that leads to a miserable life.
I will try my best to guide you and stop u from doing that.

Just because


Hell Yeah

Things just won't go like what do you wish.

I can do nothing
Look at the moon tonight,

Make a wish for you.

Thats It.


Leave your footprint down! Or I will bite you!

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