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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random update

Just a random update before I head to bed
Tomorrow I will be going to KL for nuckleus star photoshooting
I got two FCUKING pimples abovemy mouth there..
Its damn ANNOYING!!!

jz nw had dinner with Yie Huan and May
Long time din meet with them
it's good to c that they seem to be great wif their lifes =)

Since Yie Huan noe I'm going for a photoshooting and I'm facing pimples problem
She gave me these to use temporary

Vitamins, Cleaner, pimples gel

Thanks alot alot!!
No matter they reli help or nt
It's doesn't matter

I really appreciate it =)

Met her bf while I'm taking those stuffs wif her
A lovely couple they are

A Noisy Gal with A Quiet Guy

Miss Yie Huan Reli TALKS alot =.=
she can blah blah blah untill the end of the world..
When you ignore her
She will keep talking to you until you beh tahan ..

while his bf is quite shy infront of people
maybe he jz dun like to greet wif strangers

This combination maybe a bit weird
but they do look perfect in my eyes.

I can just feel the sweetness they have in the air
and yah
although I can feel the sour in my heart
But It's okay

I like being with couples
so I can steal some sweetness from they..Hahas

A best blessing from me to them
Yie Huan and Leonard

Wish they sweet till the end of the world

My hair is getting dry dy
I'm heading to bed nw

Hopefully tat two ANNOYING pimples will disappear when I wake up!
Bless me for tomorrow photoshooting !

With Loves,


Leave your footprint down! Or I will bite you!

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