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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Naive VS Mature

Once upon a time
When we are just a kid
We are just so

Thinking that everything on this world is Good
Thinking that everything on this world is Possible

But when we grow up
We just found that
There are alot of bad things happening
Many thing you wish just not possible to be happened

We leave NAIVE
MATURE comes toward us

Is this a bad thing or a good thing?
When people is NAIVE
People say
"I wish to be more mature"

But when people get MATURE
I trust tat
They will say
"I wish to be more naive"

Erhmm..not wish to be naive alone,
but the whole world.
as being naive alone just sound stupid

Because it's a fact that
When you are NAIVE
You gain happiness easily

When you are MATURE
Somehow, Happiness just like the Air,
You can't even hold it for a second.

I met a gal today,
a 16 years old gal
Should b a cheerful little gal
But after I saw her blog,fb
and had a short conversation with her

I found that
She is totally different from other 16years old gals
A Mature thinking and Mindset she have

I was really impressed with that,
I feel that jz because of this
She can't really as happy as other gals who hav same age wif her
(just my own opinion)

People say
"Everything has good and bad side of it"

Good - You gain happy easily
Bad - If something bad happen, you gona suffer for it for long

Good - If something bad happen, you can handle and accept it well.
Bad - You will always afraid bad things gona happen
You will always beware of people,things

It's can't be denied that,
People gone through alot of situations before they become MATURE.

Actually I should categories MATURE into two part
1st part - Bad Mature
2nd part - Good Mature

How to define Bad Mature?
When People get into alot of situations especially harsh situation
They MET Bad people
They MET Bad situation
They MET Bad things
They GET influence by it

They couldn't handle it well and couldn't get rid of it
Thats when
A people changed

change to not trusting anyone
change to not behaving well

Thats Bad Mature
*P/S : Act this can't be consider as MATURE also
But I just couldn't think any word to replace it ,Sorry
(or consider this Bad Mature = Childish? )

Good Mature is
People who know how to handle well no matter what harsh situation they face
They know how to settle it ASAP
Any bad situation wouldn't affect their thinking and behavior
They stand strong at their own Mind-Set
They won't get influence by Bad things

Hell Yeah,
World is complicated.
Life is difficult.

I already Met alot of harsh situations

Hard to get a REAL Friend
Being ABANDONED by people around
FAILED in love
LOST myself
SELF-CONFIDENT totally lost

But I'm sure
Outside, there are more people who face more tragic situation than me

I appreciate anyone who come into my life,
I feel happy if you stay,
I feel sad if you leave,
But I respect the decision u make.

People come, People go
Who will really stay with us no matter what happen?
Time will prove everything.

What I want to point out is


Every failure make us to grow stronger and tougher
Don't ever let failure , bad things lead you to Bad Mature
You Gain nothing in there.

Learn how to face, accept, handle, solve
Don't let anything beat u down and ruin your life
I'm sure at the future,
You will regret with the Bad Mature you had before.

It's pathetic for people who live with Bad Mature and
until the day he dies ,
He still din't realize it.

SO, If possible that can be chosen
Will you choose to be NAIVE?

With Loves,


Leave your footprint down! Or I will bite you!

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