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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Recently saw a youtube video at fb.
it touches my heart.

This Video

It's about how a relationship goes through,
It's very sad bt it's just so true.

At first we were just stranger to each other,

Stage1- Meet each other,
Stage2- Chase ,
Stage 3-Together and have honeymoon,
Stage4 - downhill
Stage5 - Breakup

and at the end
we become stranger back.

On the day we are born,
everyone is stranger towards us.

Through out the stage of growing,
We meet alots of stranger,
and some of them jz get into our life.

It's amazing that once before a stranger to you,
means the whole world for you.

It's pathetic that once before a people that means the whole world for you,
become the stranger to you.

This happen more and more at the stage of growing up,
the more relationship u fall into,
the more stranger u get to have at the end.

It's pathetic right?

I wonder how people could be so cold-blooded to face this kind of situation?
I met alot of people like this.
Bt definitely I just not 1 of them.

My heart just ache whenever I saw this kind of Stranger,
especially when they hold another 1 beside them when you meet them.

My emotion just go down whenever I saw this kind of Stranger,
especially when they say the same thing towards another guy.

How could it be?
Once before maybe you feel the same as me,
but later on, we are just stranger towards each other.
When you see me,
do u feel the same as me?
I wonder.

I wish I could have the only 1 from the start of my life
until the end of my life.

So this kind of situation do not occur in my life.

I think because of this attitude,
make me cant be a playboy?

but so what.

Thats who I am.


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