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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Be Strong

Recently have been busier than ever,
Emotional is not stable due to over stress and frustrated mind.

It's not good to spam emo status in fb.
but act I still did it.
Everyone says I'm an emo guy in fb.

Who do really care what I feel?
Who do really come in my blog once a day to check on me?

Its been a tough time for me.
to get pass through all these hard time

But it's okay,
dunno since when,
I alr keep telling myself to Be Strong.

Japan Victims face more worse situation than me
and they could be strong

I cant find a reason for myself to be so weak,
it's sound pathetic.

Everyday will be a bright day
as long as we live.

Appreciate everyone who willing to say a Cheer Up to me
although dunno wats wrong is going on.
Thanks :)

Be Strong and Everything will be okay.


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AgnesLim said...

Everything will b FINE~
dun think too much..

__⚆〫ᵦowIing ✘LiNG `` said...

i do stop by ur blog everyday
i do look into ur fb status
i do pay a little concern !
you may not know who m i
but i am just a street walker who walk by ur life ~
just be the one u wish to be ~

我是橙子,Halo! said...


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