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Leave your face down yo!


Monday, November 15, 2010


I had been gone for outing continuous
for 3 days
each day around 12hours+
I'm totally exhausted..

Although it is tiring my body and mind,
But it all come with the worth of it.

It's just that,
It's just not so nice to fight alone all the way along.

Maybe sometimes I jz been thinking too much.
But yet,
I know I have been craving for something simple,
But yet,
It's look like the star on the sky,
that I could never get it.

Reality is cruel as it never sympathize anyone.
I know I have to be strong.
I will rest myself and move on to further and further again.

If we have the fate for it,
We might meet again in another stage of the life
the another life?

Who knows?

God arrange all this and we have to just bear with it.



Leave your footprint down! Or I will bite you!

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